The Birth of Elementum and ViresEdit

From the moment the universe started there has been stars called Wisp Stars, so small the mortals were bigger. These stars were made of pure Mana gave each of them consciousness of their own, they could think, feel and even communicate. These stars would travel the universe together like comets searching for a world of there own, one that isn’t inhabited. For a while there search was in vain, but finally they found what they were looking for. To Planets without a trace of life, the Wisp Star landed on the Planet that would become Vires and with the power of Mana, took on bodely forms and called them selfs the Persona. Unfortunately in there mortal forms they were vulnerable to death and could only live for so many millenniums before there life will extinguish so they came together a created an irreversible vortex that would recreate the deceased at indefinite time periods. Soon afterwards the vortex started to created new Persona with new powers due to the Wisp stars gathering so much elemental essence, wall traveling throughout the Universe. The most common was Cosmic as they spent most of their time traveling through the void of space, but as they search through planets they picked up the Elemental energy that came with it, passed on to the Vortex, creating the Elements of Light, Electricity, Thunder, Forest, Frost, Stone, Earth, Metal, Darkness, Water and Fire. The Water Persona created oceans. The Earth Persona grew the lands creating the continents. The Fire and Frost Persona created different temperatures. Forest Persona grew plantlife. Stone Persona carved. Mountains and mines and other rock fomations. Electric Persona provided renewable energy. The Thunder Persona provided sonics. The Sky Persona governd the atmospher. Cosmic Persona controled the Moon seting it in the right orbit, helping to keep worlds climate. The Light and Dark Persona worked on different sights, enhancing the kindled and shaded areas, day and night. Over time new creatures came to be an the Persona made names for them. Over time change such as evolution and cycles created the Shift Persona, how used there mass mulipulteing powers to help evolutionise the world, the state of mind soon created the Psioniscs Persona the were in charge of forming prophecies, and when environmental corruption began this created the Toxicity Persona. Unfortually the other Personas saw they only bring destruction and even thou there is such a thing as natural polution they saw the Toxicity elementals as a scourge only capable of discord and evil, but the worst was yet to come. Centauries later one of the original Mana Elemental named Rapture became corrupted by power of Mana